Dating back to 1997,Xiamen Truston Food Co.,Ltd has grown up with the emergence of booming food export in China. Now after 18 years of rapid and extensive development,it has become one of the leading canned & frozen food producers in Southern China,with its products distributed in more than 20 countries all over the world.

Its headquarter is located in Xiamen,a beautiful port city adjacent to China’s biggest canning industrial zone. Truston covers a compound area of planting base and factory in 200,00 hectares and owns Cold Storage with capacity of? tons,and Normal Temperature Storage with capacity of 1000 tons.

Truston is unsurpassed among today’s food marketing giants. It is aggressive marketer,experienced producer and preferred supplier in FMCG field. The company adheres to the values proposed by its founder Madame Susan Li,which integrates quality,integrity,reliability,and service. The Madame would never compromise to any minor defects concerning products of either customer’s brand or Truston’s own brand.
Quality is the cornerstone of Truston. Its quality system consists of incoming raw food material sorting,on-site quality management and pre-shipment inspection. Wherever Truston crops are grown,it insists on picking from the best regional sources,complies with extraordinarily rigorous quality control standards,and aspires to pack them freshly from the fields with state-of-the-art processing equipments. Truston growers and co-packers are all required to have a good reputation for consistency and integrity;its professional QA team would make a strict assessment before delegating the projects.

Constant research on up-to-date growing,processing and packing technology is what keeps Truston outstanding among thousands of its competitors. Over the years,Truston has earned a worldwide reputation for its excellence in service as well as high quality of products. Few Chinese food companies have product range(varieties) as diverse as it does. The extensive Truston product lines offer the customers tremendous convenience working with a single reliable supplier for a long-term stable partnership. Customers can depend on Truston to keep products current and competitive—harvesting the best crop of nature’s nationwide,processing under the highest quality and safety standards,packaging in optimum condition,dealing with the most reasonable prices.

We can deliver mixed loading at the lowest possible cost,yet maintaining the best quality available in your market to keep you competitive. A difficult job…but not for the experienced Truston team…we’ve been doing this for over eighteen years.