Frozen Raspberry from China

Frozen Raspberry

  • China
  • Truston
  • TFFT-0004
  • Chinese main ports
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  • 2-3 weeks
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AKA rubus ldaeus or rubus strigosus or rubus suavissimus.For many, eating a bowl of fresh raspberries is one of summer's tasty pleasures. Vividly colored and refreshingly sweet, juicy and satisfying to eat, raspberries also offer a bounty of health benefits, from helping control weight to possibly helping prevent cancer. Although it's hard to beat the flavor and texture of fresh raspberries, raspberries can be frozen, freeze-dried, and even dried and powdered without losing their nutritive value. For maximum health benefits, snack on black raspberries, or Rubus occidentalis; they are even higher in beneficial plant compounds than Rubus idaeus, their lighter-colored cousins.


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