Frozen Blackberry from China

Frozen Blackberry

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100% natural IQF frozen blackberry from china


AKA rubus fruticosus or rubus vilosus. Blackberries are a sweet, juicy, low-calorie food that adds a variety of nutrients to your diet. Learning to select, store and use blackberries at their peak increases the enjoyment of this summer fruit. Eating a variety of fruit is important because each fruit has a different nutrition profile. By eating a variety of fruit, you will consume an array of nutrients. Blackberries come in many varieties, but the nutritional value among the varieties doesn't vary much. What you might notice between varieties is the size of the fruit, when they ripen and if the vines have thorns. The flavor might also be different depending on the variety. Some are sweeter than other types. We can provide you with high quality frozen blackberry such as IQF frozen cultivated blackberry from China.


Style: Frozen
Type: Blackberry
Freezing Process: IQF
Grade: Grade A, B
Cultivation type: Common, open air
Color: Dark red or Black
Taste: Sweet
Shape: Whole
Shelf condition: 2 years from date of manufacture under appropriate storage conditions
Storage condition: Store in below -20℃
Brand Name: Truston or OEM
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Certification: IFS, BRC, ISO, HACCP, KOSHER, ETC
Price Terms: FOB,CNF,CIF
MOQ: Any quantity(if can be mix loading with other products) Or one FCL
Shipment: Prompt
Packaging Detail: Plastic tray , carton or as per the clients' requirements 


Color: Dark red or black color, in uniform color

Texture: Typical cultivar characters, correspond to fresh material

Taste/flavor: Characteristic flavor of ripe blackberry and without odour

Freeze: They are freeze well, frost, free of ice glazing, adhesion


DEFECTS per 10kg  

                                                     The numbers of the blackberries which have defect          

Immature fruits (green or reddish)10         

Broken (crush the fruit or break by pressing)1%

Rot or mould5

Stem or leaf10 

Foreign matter: Not detected                         



Total number of bacteria<1000/g

Coli group< 3/g

Colibacillus< 3/g



Salmonella: Negative/25g

Staphylococcus< 10g                     

Listeria monocytogenes: Negative/25g



The product can be made according to EU legislations.

Origin: China



Packaging: in corrugated closed carton and were stored in below -20 

SPECIFICATIONS: IQF frozen organic Chinese blackberry (Season: Jul-Aug)


      TRUSTON-20 years focusing on production & supply of canned, frozen, fresh, FD, vegetable & fruits, accessories, noodles. YOUR BEST SUPPLIER ON AGRO FOODS



1) Clean sorted from very fresh raw materials without residue, damaged or rotten ones;

2) Processed in the experienced factories;

3) Supervised by our QC team;

4) Our products such as IQF frozen whole wild blackberry from china have enjoyed good reputation among the clients from Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, South Korea, Middle east, USA and Canada.

     We also supply canned lychee, corn kernel, seafood, or as per the clients' requirement. For more information, please visit our shop:






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