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Instant Noodles From China

--Chinese Instant Noodle as a worldwide popular food is amount maximal production and marketing fast food, which is more and more go down well with extensive consumers. 


Style: Instant
Type: Noodles
Quatity: Grade A
Processing type: Refired
Feature: low-fat,low-carb
Smell: Normal taste and smell and without  musty smell,or other strange 
Color: Ivory-white or light yellow and with no browned part
Appearance: Neat appearance and  unifor pattern and is with no broken noodle or other impurities
Cooking time: 2 minutes
Brand Name: "DELICIEUX" or according to buyers’ brand
Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
Certification: BRC,  HACCP,  ISO,HALAL
Price Terms: FOB, CNF, CIF
MOQ: Any quantity(if can be mix loading with other products) Or 5tons 
Packaging Detail: Bag, cup, bowl or as per the clients' requirments  
Storage: Store in dry place, avoid direct sunlight, normal temperature.
Flaovor: chicken/ beef/ vegetable/ curry/ tom yum/ shrimps/ sea food/ kimchi/ yakisoba/  miso/ choyu/ tomato and basil/ tomato and garlic/ sweet & sour/ oriental soy etc.
Shelf life : Production date + 2 years



Stored in the repository for raw materials→Requisitioned formaterialMeasurement for mixtured materialPacking powder sachets and vegetable sachets quantitatively→Knead the dough20min→Press the dough into slices→Cut into shreds→ Steamthe shreds150s→  Cut off quantitatively Distribute in line →Fry the noodle cake in oil110s110C°-160C°) →Cooling(2min)→ Inner packaging→ Outer packaging→ detection for metal → Put qualified products into finished stock storehouse



Taste/flavor: chicken/ beef/vegetable/ curry/ tom yum/ shrimps/ sea food/ kimchi/ yakisoba/ miso/choyu/tomato and basil/tomato and garlic/ sweet & sour/ oriental soy etc.



Moisture (%): 8.0                    

Fat (%): 24.0

Acid value in fatmg KOH/g): 1.8

Peroxide Number in fat (meq /kg): 20.0

NACL(%): 2.5

IOD: 1.0



Protein: 10.2g

Sugars: 2.7g

Fat: 18.0 g

Sodium: 1900mg

Saturated Fatty Acid:8.2g



Total numbers of colony 1000/g

Coli group<30/g 

Pathogenic bacterium(pathogenicentero becteria): Not detected

Salmonella: Not detected

Shigella: Not detected 

Staphylococcus aureus: Not detected

Haemolytic streptococcus: Not detected



Plumbum    0.5mg/kg

Aluminum    10mg/kg

Arsenic:     0.5mg/kg

Melamine    0.25mg/kg


The product is GMO - free and is not radiated.

Allergens Wheat Gluten

Origin: China



Packaging: in corrugated closed carton, each contains 12 cups  or as per customer's requirement     

Cartons/ 40'HQ: 6400cartons

Loading: in bulk  


SPECIFICATIONS : Instant Noodles(all year round)



     TRUSTON-20 years focusing on production & supply of canned, frozen,fresh, FD, vegetable & fruits, accessories, noodles. YOUR BEST SUPPLIER ONAGRO FOODS



  1. 1.Processed in the experienced factories;
  2. 2.Supervised by our QC team;
  3. 3.Our products such as chicken flavor noodle have enjoyed good reputation among the clients from Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, South Korea,  Middle east, USA and Canada.

       We also supply canned lychee, corn kernel, seafood, or as per the clients'requirement. For more  information, please visit our



Truston Tomato and basil Flavor Noodle 

About our products:

Instant Noodle like tomato and garlic flavor noodle or tom yum flavor noodle as a worldwide popular food is amount maximal production and marketing fast food, which is more and more go down well with extensive consumers. They can be seen almost everywhere in our daily life, supermarket, grocery store, hotel, train, the table of college student, the desk of overtime staff and also in the family etc. Instant noodles become one of most favorite food because of their cheap price, easy preparation and with various appealing flavors to meet the different tastes of all kinds of people. Our instant noodles are produced by NON-GMO wheat flour, with auxiliary unique produce process; they will give you a different good enjoyment on your tongue. Now, the oil content of the instant noodles is a widespread concerned by public, and we have developed a new type of instant noodles use rice oil instead of palm oil such as instant noodle with rice oil to make the instant noodles became more nutritious and healthy. 

The specific of our products

1. Three types available: palm oil instant noodles/ rice oil instant noodles/ instant pasta

2. Multiple flavors available: chicken/ beef/ vegetable/ curry/ tom yum/ shrimps/ sea food/ kimchi/ yakisoba/ miso/ choyu/ tomato and basil/ tomato and garlic/ sweet & sour/ oriental soy etc.

3. Multiple size available: 

  In bag 40g/60g/65g/70g/85g/102g/110g/123g/145g 

  In cup 65g/70g

  In bowl 90g/110g

  In five-bag-packing 110g/123g 

4. OEM is welcomed, the private brand and package are acceptable.

Truston Strength:

1.Truston-our company has engaged in the food industry for already 18 years, we are familiar with the instant noodles, canned food, IQF food, tomato pasta and packing material for food and we have won good reputation among this industry because of our honesty and integrity.

2.Truston is committed to the win-win strategy with every customer, and we have long maintained a good and cooperative relationship with many customers.

3.Customize products would be welcomed, we will try our best to meet every specific requirement of you. Your satisfaction is our greatest comfort.

Do you want a reliable cooperative partner? Do you want products in low price and processing-utmost quality?    Just Contact us!


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