Canned white asparagus 580ml/17cm

White asparagus in jar 580ml/17cm

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New crop white asparagus in jar 580ml/17cm


  The nutritionists and vegetarian experts consider the asparagus as the healthy food and anticancer food. The tender stem of the asparagus has high nutrition and contains different kinds of amino acids and vitamins. Our Canned white asparagus spears 580ml/17cm preserve the simple goodness of the fresh asparagus which is rich in essential amino acid, trace elements and microelements for the human body. Our canned white asparagus is suitable for use by restaurants, professional chefs and you can also enjoy them during travel.


 Style: Canned
 Type: Asparagus
 Packaging: Can /Jar
 Quality: Grade A
 Color: White/Green
 Part: Whole, Cut
 Brand Name: "DELICIEUX" or according to buyers’ brand
 Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
 Certification: FDA, HACCP, IFS, ISO, KOSHER, QS
 Price Terms: FOB, CNF, CIF
 MOQ: Any quantity(if can be mix loading with other products) Or 10tons 
 Packaging Detail: Canned, tin and glass jar, or as per the clients' requirements  
 Storage: Store in cool & dry place, avoid direct sunlight, normal temperature.
 Shelf life : Production date + 3 years


The canned asparagus are made of harvested fresh asparagus. After harvesting, the asparagus are selected, cleaned, peeled, blanched, cooled, washed, and inspected visually and weighed, then filled into jars manually. After adding brine soup and sealing, tins are sterilized at 250°F/121°C.



Aspect: asparagus with white color, covered with clear liquid.

Consistency/Texture: natural and moderate         

Taste/flavor: characteristic and rich flavor of canned made of fresh asparagus.

PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS                                      

Salt : 1%±0.1             

Vacuum ≥30 cm Hg             

PH : 5.0 -5.6              

Brix : 2.5-4   



Energy: 51 KJ/12kcal

Carbohydrates: 2.3 g

Fat: 0.0 g

Dietary fibers: 0.5 g

of which sugars: 2.3 g

Protein: 0.71 g

Sodium: 0.29 g



Stability: Three samples must be analyzed:          

Sample 1:  37℃ for10 days    

Sample 2:  55℃ for7 days      

Sample 3:  control     

The difference in PH is less than 0.3.



The product can be made according to EU legislations.

The product is GMO - free and is not radiated.

Absence of any allergens.

Origin: China



The test should comply with commercial sterilization requirement of preserved food.




Packaging: in corrugated closed carton, each contains 12jars

Cartons/ 20'FCL: 2000 cartons

Loading: in bulk  


SPECIFICATIONS : Canned white asparagus (spears, tip, tips & cuts)



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1. Clean sorted from very fresh raw materials without residue, damaged or rotten ones;
2. Processed in the experienced factories;
3. Supervised by our QC team;
4. Our products such as
 White asparagus in bottle 580ml/17cm have enjoyed good reputation among the clients from Southeast Asia, Japan ,South Korea, Middle east, Europe, USA and Canada.

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